33 Gosu: 8-Year-Old ‘Fortnite’ Player Gets Massive $33,000 Signing Bonus to Join a New Esports Team

Team 33 has definitely been training as well as developing 33 Gosu, or Joseph, ever since he was aged 6. Now, two years later, the player, family, and the team has officially decided that it is now time to make things public. Even for the relatively young competitive Fortnite space, the player 33 Gosu is also still extremely young and will not be able to represent the organization in a few ways. For now, however, the organization is still invested in his future as the next upcoming Fortnite star.

33 Gosu joins the best team in fortnite

According to an article by InvenGlobal, 33 Gosu will be quite an interesting addition to the team as maybe the youngest professional Fortinte player to go public. Although he is undoubtedly young, the years of training have also made him qualified to join Team 33 which is a competitive Fortnite team.

According to Team 33’s CEO known as Tyler Gallagher in his statement to PR Newswire, it was stated that they have actually been secretly on the lookout for talent for their own roster and games over the course of the last few years. It was stated that they are now proud to officially sign Joseph as part of the team.

33 Gosu vs H1ghSky1

It was stated that Team 33 has previously worked closely along with 33 Gosu’s family with every step of the way. As a popular Hollywood-based organization, they are also aware of the potential labor law violations that could rise in the state of California. Back in May of 2019, the FaZe Clan even ran into a particular legal trouble after they had claimed that “H1ghSky1” was actually old enough to stream at the age of 13, when in fact, he was only 12.

Team 33 would also certainly want to avoid what happened to H1ghSky1. This is why they are trying to be very careful when it comes to including 33 Gosu in their team. As of the moment, they have already given him a massive $33,000 signing bonus as he is expected to later on join the team and officially stream with them when it is legal for him to do so.

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Fortnite team rumble

As of the moment, the 8-year-old is still considered too young to stream but it also depends on the particular local laws when it comes to this matter. Fans of Team 33 will have to wait and see if 33 Gosu is indeed able to officially join the team while playing games.

Aside from the massive $33,000 signing bonus, the emerging eSports organization team known as Team 33 has also given Joseph “33 Gosu” Deen, a particular eight-year-old Fortnite player a whopping $5,000 gaming PC! This is after the young Fortnite player has officially signed a particular contract along with Team 33. As of the moment, players will have to wait and see exactly how good 33 Gosu is and why he was given this huge signing bonus in the first place.

Source: techtimes.com

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