FIFA 2021 Tournament

Team 33 Hosts Several FIFA Tournaments Every Year, With the Finale Being Played At House 33, Our Training Facility & Luxury Home in the Hollywood Hills. Prizes include $5,000 distributed across the top 3 players and a full-time contract to join Team 33's roster for the winner on the line!

Our FIFA 2021 Tournaments are:

  • Free to Join
  • Held Usually on Weekends
  • Streamed on Twitch

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FIFA 2021 Tournament Prizes

Prizes for our FIFA tournaments different from tournament to tournament, based on attendance and sponsorship, but in general, expect a healthy cash prize for the top 3 winners and oftentimes we'll throw in a contract for the ultimate winner to join our limited roster at Team 33. Having your place within Team 33 means that you will be paid monthly to participate in various tournaments as part of our team! Details to be sent to the winner.

House 33, the FIFA 2021 Finale

The finale for our tournaments takes place in House 33, a luxurious property located in the Los Angeles area. We will fly the players involved in the finale, all expenses paid, and stream the finale over the weekend for everyone to watch. See screenshots of House 33 below:

House 33 Guests

High level celebrities often make an appearance at House 33, whether to play a game, to use our in-house recording studio, or to stay for a while. Here are some guests that have dropped by over the years:

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We notify all of our players at least a month before each tournament. If you want to make sure you're part of the invitees for the next FIFA Tournament and have a chance to win one of our prizes, make sure you sign up below. It's FREE.

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Are there any hidden costs to enter your FIFA tournaments?
No, absolutely no hidden costs. We make our money from sponsors, and from participating in other tournaments. Most of our tournaments are free to join. However, if we ever organize a tournament that has a cost to enter, we will let you know clearly and in advance so you can choose whether you want to participate or not.
Are these tournaments restricted to specific countries?

No! our FIFA online tournaments are open to players worldwide. Flying to LA for the finale is optional and you are free to play the finale from your location if you choose to do so. Keep in mind that our tournaments take place in Eastern Standard Time (New York/Toronto time zone) during the weekends. We will list the exact schedule in advance so you can plan accordingly.

What are the rules to play?

The usual FIFA rules apply. If someone is disconnected from the game, they will automatically forfeit the match. Please be respectful to other players and keep the language PG. No insulting or name-calling. Anyone deemed to be disrespectful or displaying any inappropriate behavior will be removed from the tournament. Any issues or concerns can be brought to

How are the prizes delivered?

Winners will be contacted independently. We can pay using PayPal or wire transfer for cash prizes. If there is a Team 33 contract on the line, we will be contacting the winner and include a copy of the contract for them to review before signing.

Can players under the age of 18 join your tournaments?

Yes, players under 18 can join our free tournaments, but they cannot join any paid tournament unless we have a written email from one of their parents allowing them to participate.