Is it legal? An 8-year-old boy has already signed with an esports team

Team 33 signed player Joseph Deen in a deal that included $ 33,000 as a signing bonus

The e-sports industry maintains its boom despite the Covid-19 pandemic . Although the face-to-face events had to be canceled, the advantage of being able to host competitions online helped make esports even more relevant this year.

More and more teams and players are venturing into this area, with most of them making strong financial investments to ensure their future success, or at least to denote seriousness.

One of the most notorious cases lately is that of Team 33 , an organization established in Los Angeles, California , which carried out the signing of a player who was only 8 years old.

Through a statement , Team 33 announced the hiring of Joseph Deen , who will join the squad as a Fortnite player and content creator on YouTube.

The deal with the esports organization included $ 5,000 worth of computer equipment for Deen , also known as ” 33 Gosu ,” and a $ 33,000 signing bonus.

They question about the legality of the signing of Team 33

Gosu’s hiring did not go unnoticed, and although many congratulated him for fulfilling a dream, there was also criticism of the esports team for the possible illegality of this case.

According to a Kotaku report , the laws in the state of California prohibit a minor from doing work; However, the founder of Team 33, Tyler Gallagher , assured that Gosu although he joins as a player, he does not do it to compete or to have to do a job as such.

‘ In essence, no labor laws apply, because you don’t have to work. He is simply playing. He wakes up on a Saturday morning or comes home from school at 5 in the afternoon, and he starts playing with or without us, ‘ Gallagher said in an interview.

Even so, the laws on this matter remain uncertain and while Team 33 could ensure that Joseph will not have to work, both will receive remuneration for their respective activities, which could complicate the situation if not handled carefully.


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