Press Release – eSport: A 15-year-old Quebecer wins Fortnite’s biggest tournament and $ 75,000

Vincent Fortin, a 15-year-old Quebecer who raised $ 75,000 in the largest Fortnite game tournament. This unexpected victory allows him to sign a contract with a professional eSports team based in Hollywood.

A Quebecer of 15 wins the biggest Fortnite tournament

5-year-old Quebec young man holds $ 75,000 in the largest Fortnite game tournament. The young winner, Vincent Fortin, signed on to a professional eSports team based in Hollywood, California. This victory in the famous FNCS tournament of June 26-27, 2021, allows him to emit $ 75,000 Americans.

A victory faces the biggest teams of professional eSports

The tournament, organized each year by Epic Games, developer of the Fortnite game, attracts thousands of participants each year. Numerous professional teams in the field of eSports and deltaker.

“I’m very pleased to have been promoted to this tournament, as more and more big names in the Fortnite game have taken part. This proves that with work and perseverance, it can only claim to win a big tournament “, explain Vincent Fortin.

In order to win the FNCS tournament, Vincent Fortin has won some of the biggest names in the Fortnite game, including players like Bhuga, Faze Centered, Faze Dubs, NRG Clix and several others. These players are the biggest teams in the field of eSports, with budgets of several hundred million dollars per year dedicated to the training and development of players.

Convoy of American professional teams and signature at Team 33

Following his victory, Vincent received offers from several large eSports teams in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the world. The latter finally decided to sign with Team 33, based in Hollywood. Team 33 also owns offices in Toronto, Canada.

Tyler Gallagher, General Manager Canadien de l’équipe Team 33: “We are very proud and content to sign Vincent Fortin alias PaMstou. We followed the FNCS tournament and were very impressed by his performance”.

Vincent’s signature with the Team 33 team means that he participates in tournament tournaments under the Team 33 banner, and represents this team on social networks, in particular the creation of content.

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